Version 1.07 and HD Art Pack Release

Version 1.07 is released for Windows, OSX later. This involves a few bugfixes. What happened to the versions between? Well those are Steam versions that don't affect the gameplay, so ignore them.

I've also added the HD Art Pack as a downloadable for anyone who owns the game. It's the high-def versions of the game's assets as well as some of the sketches used to concept out the characters.


String Tyrant Win 52 MB
Jun 15, 2020
String Tyrant Art 196 MB
Jun 15, 2020

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Hi. Is the Art Pack available for people that purchased on steam too?

Yep! If you navigate to your program folder on steam (right click->browse local files) it should be there as a .zip file in the main folder. I put it up last night, make sure your program is updated.

Found it, thank you!