Version 1.01 Released

Version 1.01 has been released. This is a small bugfix and QoL update. The changelog is below:

*Added 'dark' and 'light' UI themes. You can toggle them from the in-game options menu.
*Added ending relive to the options menu. You can replay endings you've already unlocked.
*Increased text window text size. Can be toggled from the in-game options menu.
*Added manifest so the app doesn't launch the no-sound file.
*Fixed the tutorial text concerning doors.
*The 'think' handler in the tutorial will now display unique text.
*Fixed a bug that caused items to not appear on the locality window.
*Modified some colors to be easier on the eyes.
*Fixed a certain entity not appearing on the entity list until the next turn.
*Fixed clay infection not showing the correct image after loading the game. (Does not affect existing saves).
*Changed the dialogue for meeting Lauren if you have not met Pygmalie yet.
*Added a notification to talk to Jessie/Lauren the first time you meet them.
*Stranger will now only start to spawn more aggressively after completing two major traps. Should make early game exploring easier.
*Updated the 'think' text for the early part of the game to give a few more hints on what to do.

Please let us know if you spot any other errors or have suggestions to make the game better, we're always listening.


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Apr 05, 2020
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Apr 05, 2020

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