Version 1.02 Released, OSX/Linux Versions Added

Version 1.02 has been released, which bundles OSX/Linux compatibility in. See the main page for the versions of operating systems they were compiled on. If you are on Linux/OSX and would like to compile a version for your OS version, this bitbucket repo contains the source code. You will still need the assets/scripts from the String Tyrant downloads to run the game.

*Fixed Jessie not having dialogue when spoken to while in the main hall as you go to find Lauren.

*Fixed the map piece in the chapel showing the wrong area.
*Fixed several typos.
*Fixed storybooks not costing a turn to drop.
*Fixed incorrect door highlighting with mouseover for west/east doors in some rooms.
*Fullscreen, Dark Mode, and Large Text size options are now saved between playthroughs.
*You can now set doll type/color preference from the options menu after getting any game-over.
*Options are now split into their own configuration files.
*Added OSX/Linux ports.


String Tyrant v102 59 MB
Apr 13, 2020
String Tyrant Demo v102 50 MB
Apr 13, 2020

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