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I have an issue where after starting a new game and after the controls screen, the screen turns black. It goes back to normal if I open the menu. This happens on every version of the game.

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Download this file (
go to [Install]\Games\AdventureMode\Maps\Nowhere\ and replace the Constructor.lua file with the one in the zip. It has the line that creates the overlay commented out.
I don't know why this happens on some machines and not others. Hopefully this will fix the issue.

This game is shockingly good. I'm just amazed at all the effort on all fronts, from the gameplay design to the graphics to even the story and writing.

Is this game dead, or will there be updates soon?

There are updates on the progress of the next update, as well as the various other games we're working on, on the blog every Monday.

stupid question, how do i get the screen bigger? it loads tiny

figured it out lol f11 and f12 do the trick

Any hint on how to beat the boss monster in the ritual mission? Even stun and blindness doesn't seem to stop it from killing my party.

Spoiler for this:

Check the combat inspector for weaknesses. It's extremely weak to bleed and poison, and stacking a few of those will let you kill it amazingly fast.

Good to know, thanks :) I had lots of fun playing the game yesterday, and spent at least 8 hours playing it :D

bug report.  Sound doesn't work.  There is no error message or anything but sound doesn't come through no matter what I do.

The game has three executables. Try using the SDL and SDLFMOD versions, see if those help.